Saturday, July 13, 2024
Woodsville High School

Join the Action at the WHS Film Club!

Join the Action at the WHS Film Club! Looking for a creative outlet at Woodsville High? The Film Club, meeting every Tuesday during Flex 3 in Room 20, is your ticket to the world of cinema!
In Film Club, you’ll dive into the art of cinematic production. We’ve got everything from developing and editing videos using WHS’ top-notch resources to exploring various aspects of filmmaking like cinematography, animation, directing, screenwriting, and more.
Our club thrives on cooperation and collaboration, offering exciting film trips, like our recent visit to the Flying Monkeys to study silent films. It’s not just about making films; it’s about understanding the nature of cinema and enjoying the process.
Imagine producing fun, authentic videos across various genres or delving deep into film studies. Whether you’re scripting action-packed scenes or operating the camera, every role is a learning experience.
Film Club is more than a club; it’s a community where you can relax, create, and grow in a comfortable and supportive environment.
Interested? Contact Nicholas Thomas, our Captain, or Mr. Peltonovich, our Advisor, to get started.
Remember, at Film Club, it’s always “Lights, Camera, Action!!!”