Friday, May 17, 2024

Clubs & Organizations

Club or Organization –  Advisor(s):

Athletic Leadership Council – Lori Taylor
-> Learn more about the ALC HERE.

Chess Club – Philip Tuite
-> Learn more about the Chess Club HERE.

Civil Air PatrolChelsea Heath
-> Learn more about the Civil Air Patrol HERE

Class of 2024 Jess Quinn & Deb Lundin
Class of 2025Janitta Richardson 
Class of 2026 – Mr. Scianna & Mike Bonanno
Class of 2027 – Mr. Grace and Josh Peltonovich

Environmental Club – Janine Eck
-> Learn more about the Environmental Club HERE.

Extended Library Hours – Janitta Richardson
-> Learn more HERE.

Film ClubJosh Peltonovich
-> Learn more about the Film Club HERE.

French ClubKim Nickles
-> Learn more about the French Club HERE

GSA (Gender Sexuality Alliance) – Amanda Lafond & Chelsea Heath
-> Learn more about GSA HERE.

Glamor ClubJanitta Richardson
-> Learn more about the Glamor Club HERE.

Homework Club – Tonya Gardner
-> Learn more about the Homework Club HERE.

Math LeagueJaline Mulliken
-> Learn more about the Math League HERE.

National Honor SocietyJaline Mulliken & Scott Nichols
-> Learn more about the National Honor Society HERE.

Spanish ClubKim Nickles
-> Learn more about the Spanish Club HERE

Student CouncilBob Scianna & Jodie Maccini
-> Learn more about the Student Council HERE.

YLTA (Youth Leadership Through Adventure) –  Joe Mitchell
->  Learn more about YLTA HERE.

Clubs and Organizations on Hiatus-
If you are a student and are interested in one of the following clubs or starting a new club, don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Nichols. If you are interested in being an advisor for one of the following, please contact Mr. Nichols.
Drama Club
-> Learn more about the Drama Club HERE.

Gaming Club
-> Learn more about the Gaming Club HERE.

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
-> Learn more about FBLA  HERE.

Youth and Government
-> Learn more about Youth & Government  HERE.

National Art Honor Society
-> Learn more about the National Art Honor Society HERE.

Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)
-> Learn more about SADD HERE