Tuesday, June 18, 2024
WHS Library & Learning CommonsWoodsville High School

Celebrating Excellence: Woodsville High School’s New National Honor Society Inductees

Woodsville High School takes immense pride in fostering an environment where academic excellence and community involvement thrive. One of the shining testaments to this commitment is our students, who are inducted into the National Honor Society (NHS) each year. Being a part of the NHS is an honor that signifies hard work, leadership, and character.

This year, we are thrilled to introduce and celebrate our newest members of this prestigious society:

Distinguished Seniors:

Jack Boudreault
Sam Eck
Alex Fenn
Jayda Garcia
Allison Hatch
Michael Hogan
Isabelle Matson
Julia Matson
Madison Newton
Olivia Williams
Remarkable Juniors on the Rise:

Mya Boutin
Vincent Cataldo
Hunter Duval
Faith Griswold
Katherine Maccini
Cooper Mayo
Owen McClintock
Jacob Putnam
Sebastian Restelli
Jane Roy
Paige Royer
Natalie Therrien
Bryce Williams
These students have demonstrated their dedication to academics, community service, and leadership, embodying the NHS’s principles. As they progress towards #BrighterFutures, we look forward to their continued contributions to Woodsville High School.

To our new NHS members: Congratulations on your well-deserved achievement! Your dedication serves as an inspiration to us all. Keep up the excellent work!