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WHS Daily Announcements

Friday, January 31st, 2020 WHS Announcements

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Boston Area College Tour Info!
Tuesday, February 4th during Roundhouse
in Mr. Scianna’s Room
SAT Math help is available every Monday after school

SAT English help is available every Tuesday after school
Change to lunch on Monday: Chicken Caesar Salad and Garlic breadsticks.
❄ Winter Carnival ❄
Monday, February 10th – Class Quiz Bowl & Lip Sync
Thursday, February 13th – Golf Ball Relay, Blindfold Draw, Spikeball, Ticket Money Due
Friday, February 14th – Prelims, Finals and Winter Carnival Ball (6:30-9:30)

The Winter Carnival Annual Food Drive is on!
Donations of food and/or money will be collected until 3:15 on Friday, Feb. 7th. DROP-OFF locations are:
Freshmen—Room 9 (Simano) * Sophomores—Room 13 (Mulliken)

Juniors—Room 15 (Greene) * Seniors—Room 11 (Cummings)
The seniors have taken the lead with the freshmen not far behind 😃
The sophomores and juniors have yet to get started

* Please use the QR Code or the Library Laptops to
sign in and out of the Library during the school day.

Please remember the changes to the student handbook
…especially concerning passes and cell phones.

The Library will be closed after school today
❄ The Winter Wondering Land Photo Contest ❄
The contest is for students to send pics of things they did so far this winter for fun and to send them to the yearbook class. The person who sends in the best photos will win a $10 Dunkin Donuts Gift Card.
Send your pictures to Miss Youngheim at: [email protected]

A monthly student forum is being organized to give students a chance to provide thoughts and feedback about topics at Woodsville High School.
Forums will be hosted once a month, and everyone is encouraged to attend.

Our first forum will be Wednesday February 5th in the LLC during Roundhouse. We will be discussing proposed schedule changes to the 2020-2021 schedule. Your thoughts and feedback will be invaluable.

If you can’t make it, please speak with Mr. Robinson. If you’d like to help organize future forums (March, April, etc) please reach out to Mrs. Youngheim or Mr. Robinson, who would love some student participation.

Senior Parent ads are due by February 26th
Order Your Yearbook Online at:

Visit Mrs. Youngheim in Room 25

Email Mrs. Youngheim at: [email protected]

(All practices/games are subject to change)

WHS Ski Team
Race at Wildcat on Friday the 31 at 10 AM

January 31st
JVG Practice 3:00-4:00 * JVB Practice 8:15-9:30
VG vs Profile 5:00 * VB vs Profile 6:30

February 1st
JVG vs BMU 12:00 * VG vs BMU 1:30
JVG @ White River Valley 4pm – Bus at 2:15