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WHS Daily Announcements

Tuesday, March 24th, 2020 WHS Announcements


It’s kind of fun to do the impossible Walt Disney
🎓 Seniors please check the class of 2020 Google Classroom page about a Google meeting on Friday 3/27 at 1:00 PM. Please email Mr. Cummings if you have trouble finding the information.

Virtual Help Desk from 8-10 am on Tuesdays & Thursdays
on Google Meet ( ).
This Help Desk will be for students, staff and community members that
need extra help, have questions, etc.

* Days and hours could change  depending on the needs of our community.

You can also call the Main Office at 747-2781 or if you need Tech Help–call 787-9798

Mrs. Youngheim would love for you to share photos of you and your home/school workspace. 

Please email your pics to [email protected]

#TechnologyTuesdayWhat name is given to the device used to produce an intense and narrow beam of light?
On this Day in History: On March 24th, 1765- Britain passed the Quartering Act, requiring the colonies to house 10,000 British troops in public and private buildings.

** Juniors **
Please remember that you are still signed up for FREE SAT Prep with Khan Academy.
This Remote Learning Time is an excellent opportunity for you to get ready.

Students–Want a book from the WHS library? Message Mr.Nichols on the WHS Facebook page or email at [email protected] and he can have the book set out for you in the lobby of WHS. 😁👏
Search the WHS Book Database at

UserName: WHS Library    * Password: engineers

**  If you need art supplies….Just let Mrs. Marston know and we can help! 🙂

Mr. Nichols will be reading The Fault in Our Stars on Facebook Live. Tune in at Noon on Facebook #NicholsatNoon

Please do not hesitate to contact us for help or with any questions


WHS eLearning—–

Academic Expectations…

All students are expected to participate in the online activities that have been / will be prepared by teachers to be loaded into Google Classrooms each day. All students will be expected to check their school email accounts regularly. We will follow this modified schedule:  Period 1- 8:15-9:15 Period 2- 9:15-10:15 Period 3- 10:15-11:15 Period 4- 11:15-12:15 Lunch- 12:15-1:15 Roundhouse (individual conferencing etc.)- 1:15-2:15 

Students should start each class period by reviewing their teacher’s Google Classroom to see what activities have been assigned. If a student does not have access to their teacher’s Google Classroom, they will need to email their teacher(s) to get the code. Many teachers will choose to hold a “live event” at the beginning of the time associated with the period for their class (see above). This will be using Google Meet or other online video conferencing tools. Others may post a pre-recorded message or even email instructions. Although the introductory videos may be available after class time, it is expected that students will view/participate in those live classes as they happen. Following that, students will likely move at their own pace to complete daily, short-term assignments. Students may also be expected to complete and submit larger online activities/assignments by the beginning of the next class meeting for that particular course. Teachers will be available by email for office hours during the assigned times noted above. Students without Internet access will be provided assignments in an “analog” format once they are identified. 


Teachers will be taking attendance, noting whether or not students are participating and completing assignments. Deadlines will be enforced during online days. Students are expected to complete all assignments on time, or reach out to their teacher directly if they have questions or need an extension.

Academic Help 

Students will have access to additional academic intervention and support when needed. We will be establishing intervention specialists who will assist students with tutoring, as well as any technology issues that they may face. School Counselors will host office hours daily to address day-to-day issues, as well as continue working with our seniors as they approach graduation. 


Students and staff will likely require time to recover from the normal illnesses that occur every year, as well as potential COVID-19 related issues. Counseling, Nursing, and Administrative staff will work with parents, guardians, and students to help resolve any issues or provide any assistance we can. Teachers will be flexible with their response to students encountering such issues. We ask in the strongest terms that you communicate health issues to school administrators as soon as possible so we may provide appropriate support.

It will be an expectation that every WHS student is in direct one-to-one communication with a staff member daily. This could be a teacher, counselor, or other staff member. This is to make sure the child is on track both in academics and that their behavioral/social emotional needs are being met. The communication may be by telephone, email, or other means and will be logged by school staff. 

Food Needs

Our Food Service providers will be preparing breakfast and lunch bags each day and the bus company will be making delivery routes beginning at 9:00 today with school staff members. Students need to be at their bus stop if you would like a meal bag. The times may be a little off, so please be patient. We expect a modified bus route beginning on 3-17-20, and will send that out to you once it is available. 

Other School Activities: 

During the closure, all student activities are suspended. As we receive further guidance from the NHIAA and other organizations, we will update you all via Constant Contact messages. 

One Final Note: 

Even with a week to plan, there will no doubt be unanticipated items to which we must respond. No one knows for how long we will be away from school. The social and emotional health of our students was very much in our minds as we developed this plan. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have ideas, concerns, questions, or anything else that comes to mind.

Thank You, Eric W. Chase Principal