Thursday, April 18, 2024
Woodsville High School

WHS National Honor Society 2022 Bedell Bridge Clean Up Community Service

On a bright morning on May 21, 2022, a group of eleven dedicated students from Woodsville High School’s National Honor Society embarked on a mission of community service and environmental stewardship. Their destination was the serene Bedell Bridge State Park, a local gem that awaited their care and attention.

The day’s agenda was twofold: a thorough cleanup of the park and the constructing two new benches. This initiative was more than just a routine activity; it was a testament to the student’s commitment to leaving a positive mark on their community. Over the course of approximately two hours, these young volunteers worked in unison to rejuvenate the park’s pathways. They meticulously cleared brush and overgrown weeds, ensuring the trails were welcoming and accessible. Their efforts didn’t stop there; they also carefully removed dead vines from small trees, a crucial step in maintaining the health and beauty of the park’s natural flora.

Perhaps the most enduring contribution of the day was the construction of two benches. These were not merely seats but symbols of rest and reflection for future visitors, inviting them to pause and appreciate the natural beauty surrounding them. It was a task that required teamwork, skill, and a deep sense of purpose, all of which these students displayed in abundance.

The annual cleanup and care of Bedell Bridge State Park have become a cherished responsibility of Woodsville High’s National Honor Society. This yearly tradition embodies their dedication to community service and environmental care. Each student involved takes immense pride in their work, driven by the desire to leave the park better than they found it and enhance the experience for other visitors.

Participating in this year’s Bedell Bridge State Park Cleanup were a group of enthusiastic and committed students. In the back row, from left to right, were Riley Restelli, Aliza Boutin, Brianna Youngman, Paige Smith, Zoe Smith, Chloe Williams-Wyman, and Abby Locke. The front row featured, from left to right, Monica Cataldo, Erin Gwilt, Jess Riley, and Hannah Keeler.

Their collective effort stands as a shining example of the impact young individuals can have on their local environment and community. At Woodsville High School, such acts of service and dedication are not just encouraged; they are celebrated as essential components of student life and learning.