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Introduction to College & Careers

Introduction to College & Careers
CCV offers a ~FREE Introduction to College & Careers (ICC) course for high school students each semester. ICC prepares you for college by helping you explore career pathways, set goals, plan financially, manage time and stress, improve communication skills and develop stronger study skills. It’s also a great opportunity to experience a college setting and feel more confident taking college courses in high school and beyond.


·~~~~~~~~ Who: students in grades 9-12


·~~~~~~~~ When: June 24-28, from 9AM-3PM each day


·~~~~~~~~ Where: CCV-Upper Valley, 145 Billings Farm Road, White River Junction


·~~~~~~~~ How: To enroll in this class as a new CCV student,~apply online~and select a specific ICC course section. The skills assessment is not required, as it will be completed during the class.


Questions? Learn more online or call CCV-Upper Valley at (802) 295-8822.