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WHS Daily Announcements

Tuesday, January 14th, 2020 WHS Announcements

The Freshmen will have a Class Meeting on Thursday during Roundhouse in the Library

Senior class meeting in room 11 on Thursday
The Library will be closed during Roundhouse
Today & Thursday

It is National Hat Day tomorrow!
🤠 Students & Staff are encouraged to wear school appropriate hats on Wednesday

Lincoln Tech will be in the LLC tomorrow during Roundhouse
If you are interested in more info from them – have your Roundhouse teacher sign you up.

US Army Recruiter in the LLC today during Roundhouse

🎥 The WHS LLC is looking for several students to help develop a series of short videos (30-60 seconds).
This would be a great resume builder and possibly count as community service hours * See Mr. Nichols if interested.

🎓Any seniors who still need help filing the FAFSA please see Guidance

Senior Parent ads are due by February 26th
Order Your Yearbook Online at:

Visit Mrs. Youngheim in Room 25

Email Mrs. Youngheim at: [email protected]

(All practices/games are subject to change)

Tuesday 1/14

JVG Practice 3:00-4:00 * JVB Practice 8:00-9:30
VG vs. Pitt-Caan 5:00 * VB vs. Pitt-Caan 6:30

Wednesday 1/15
Ski Practice 3:10-4:45

VB Practice 3:30-5:00 * VG Practice 8:00-9:30
JVG Practice 5:00-6:30 * JVB Practice 6:30-8:00

Thursday 1/16

Skiing at The Kanc Classic Race @ Lincoln 5:00pm – Leave at 3:00pm

VB Practice 3:30-5:00 * JVB Practice 5:00-6:30
JVG vs. BMU @ HCMS – 5:00 * VG vs. BMU @ HCMS – 6:30

Friday 1/17
Ski Practice 3:10-4:45

JVG Practice 3:30-5:00
VG vs. Gorham @ HCMS 6:30 * VB @ BMU 7:00 – Bus at 6:15