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WHS Daily Announcements

Wednesday, January 15th, 2020 WHS Announcements

The Freshmen will have a Class Meeting on Thursday during Roundhouse in the Library

Senior class meeting in room 11 on Thursday
The Library will be closed during
Roundhouse on Thursday

It is National Hat Day!
🤠 Students & Staff are encouraged to wear school appropriate hats today

Lincoln Tech will be in the LLC today during Roundhouse
If you are interested in more info from them – have your Roundhouse teacher sign you up.

🎥 The WHS LLC is looking for several students to help develop a series of short videos (30-60 seconds).
This would be a great resume builder and possibly count as community service hours * See Mr. Nichols if interested.

🎓Any seniors who still need help filing the FAFSA please see Guidance
The Marine Corp recruiter will be here during Lunch A&B on January 22nd.

Senior Parent ads are due by February 26th
Order Your Yearbook Online at:

Visit Mrs. Youngheim in Room 25

Email Mrs. Youngheim at: [email protected]

(All practices/games are subject to change)

Wednesday 1/15

Ski Practice 3:10-4:45

VB Practice 3:30-5:00 * VG Practice 8:00-9:30
JVG Practice 5:00-6:30 * JVB Practice 6:30-8:00

Thursday 1/16

Skiing at The Kanc Classic Race @ Lincoln 5:00pm – Leave at 3:00pm

VB Practice 3:30-5:00 * JVB Practice 5:00-6:30
JVG vs. BMU @ HCMS – 5:00 * VG vs. BMU @ HCMS – 6:30

Friday 1/17
Ski Practice 3:10-4:45

JVG Practice 3:30-5:00
VG vs. Gorham @ HCMS 6:30 * VB @ BMU 7:00 – Bus at 6:15